Since forming in 2001, we’ve worked with others to improve play opportunities for children aged between 5-15 in Tower Hamlets, increasing access to a wide range of quality play opportunities and spaces. 

We believe children have the right to play supported by the communities they live in. Over the years different funders have helped us support and develop play in the community. We have run thousands of weekly, free supervised drop-in play sessions in local open spaces, usually within housing estates, sometimes in parks or streets.  Annually,  Community Play projects have

  • run an average of nearly 370 a year sessions with average attendance of 250 children
  • an estimated participation of over 750 children
  • an average of nearly 15,000 child-hours of physical activity. 

Below we have detailed some of our past work

Past Projects              

Whitehorse Adventure Playground - PATH was based at Whitehorse Adventure Playground from 2003-2020 and continues working with LBTH teams to keep this well loved and needed play space open for children and young people.
Child jumping in front of building Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities - In collaboration with Healthy Cities London, which is a project funded by Morgan Stanley, PATH built new play spaces and organising outdoor activities around Poplar area.
Community Play Mile End - Weekly, Wednesday play sessions in the Mile End area of Tower Hamlets, run at either the Cow Garden or Southern Grove community centre, plus special playful events for occasions like Halloween.
Peoples Health Trust - From May 2017 to May 2018, PATH helped local parents to use the time when their children were at school to develop their play skills, learn first aid, and find out about local play opportunities.
Community Play Bethnal Green - This project was a local resident initiative to organise weekly play sessions where children themselves were leading the way.
Playing Out - Playing Out project had been running for 9 years, during which we organised numerous play sessions and met hundreds of families who say they feel more connected to neighbours after meeting them at play sessions.
Multi coloured leaf image Inclusive Play - Between 2015 and 2016 PATH worked with specialist schools to meet play needs of disabled children, their brothers and sisters, and friends.
Keep Playing – Playing Out Close to Home - Keep Playing encouraged children to play on their estate, close to their home and supported by the community. The four year project ended in March 2015.
Child jumping over skipping rope Playing Out Annual Review 2008 – 2012 - The Playing Out Project was funded by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (PCT) from 2008 to 2012.
Multi coloured leaf image Play Times Plog - Blog covering the Play Times team between 2008 and 2011.