Meet the team

At PATH, we work as a one big team. We are all passionate about providing a safe space for all children to play. We are in three teams, the Trustees, the project and playwork team. Find out a bit more about us here.

Eleanor Image
Play Development Manager
My early childhood memories growing up in London are of hours of imaginary play and riding my bike on the street with my sister and friends. I played at Adventure Playgrounds in 1970s and got a job on one in 1990s. Since joining PATH in 2003 I’ve been part of amazing projects, redesigning play spaces on estates, running Whitehorse Adventure, supporting new and existing projects and still getting to play with the most inspirational people of all, the children and young people I work for. I’ve learnt a lot and continue to do so.

Majeda Begum
Finance and Administration Manager
I grew in Bethnal Green, playing outside a lot with my sisters and brother. Starting work at PATH as an administrator in 2005 reminded me how important those times were. I’ve done playwork training and notice less children play out now so value the work we do at PATH to change that. In my role as Finance Manager I’m organised and tidy, my playful side is messy and values the resources that are free. 

Khalida Begum
Project support worker

I joined PATH in 2017 as my ambition is to make a difference in people lives through community work, doing it myself and inspiring others to get involved. I have 3 children myself and have volunteered to run a local parents forum, informing people what opportunities are available out there. I want to make more families aware of the amazing work that PATH does so we can work together to create playful, happy and memorable experiences for children now.


The role of a playworker is to support all children and young people in the creation of a space in which they can play. 

Play is a process that is a fundamental to a child’s healthy development, playworkers enable children to extend their play, facilitating play opportunities, not leading or over structuring.

The role involves ensuring spaces in which children play are varied, that children can follow their own ideas, playworkers see children as competent individuals, they respond to children’s play cues or intervene if help is needed to resolve conflict. 

Playworker is a profession under pinned by the Playwork Principles, playworkers knowledge includes understanding play types, balancing risk with well-being and being an advocate for children and young people at all times.

Panda Gavin
Panda has been a playworker with PATH since 2015 working on different sessions around the borough. Panda did a Community Play Coordinator role from Jan 2016 – March 2017 involving taking loose parts into school and saw imaginary play increase during lunch time. Panda is the PATH social media expert and brings a playful attitude to the sessions.

Inga Krzywakowska
Inga started at PATH in 2004 as an experienced playworker, bringing her skills to inclusive and estate based play sessions. Now working at Phoenix school she stays with PATH for after school play session and is our queen bubble maker.

Nazuma Bibi
Nazuma attended playwork training delivered by PATH in 2006 and learnt she wanted to be a playworker. Being a Mum and a Tower Hamlets resident for many years she brings local knowledge and can tell other Mums to leave the housework and come out to play.

Kitty Schuchard
Kitty has worked at PATH for over 10 years before leaving in 2015 but found that imaginative, creative outdoor play on various Tower Hamlets estates called her back. Kitty is Level 3 Playwork qualified and is back doing regular work with PATH as well as following her own very creative talents.

Charlie Caplan-Wilson
Charlie started at PATH in 2015, now a graduate of Circus Space Charlie shares her somersaulting and hand standing skills on play sessions in Poplar and Mile End.

Jahan Hussain
PATH first met Jahan in 2006 when he came to play at Whitehorse Adventure Playground with his older brother and sister. Keen on digging in the sand, playing with water and cooking on fires he was a playful, smiley happy child. Since then he has trained in child care, worked with Tower Hamlets Parks Team and got taller, other than that he has not changed much. 

Tim Gill
Tim has been volunteering as a playworker with PATH since 2013 getting involved with both indoor and outdoor play in Mile End. Tim has years of experience writing, thinking , researching and evaluating play and playwork travelling as far as Australia to share the UK playwork ethos.