Whitehorse Adventure Playground

PATH has been involved in with LBTH owned and managed Whitehorse Adventure Playground since 2003. Whitehorse has a long history of serving children in the community, adults passing tell us their fond memories, from the row of shops it used to be in the 1950’s to how the community worked with staff 1990’s to build high, colourful wooden structures that many people think of when remembering Adventure Playgrounds.

In 2007 new funds came from local regeneration projects, PATH was commissioned by LBTH 2008-2009 to rebuild, recruit and re-open this well-loved and needed play space open for children and young people age 5-15.

The National Play Strategy was launched at Whitehorse in 2008 and the team of playworkers welcomed thousands of new children to the site for the next few years.

By 2016 with cuts and hard times for play projects around the country increasing Whitehorse closed its gates. Behind the scenes PATH and the Parks and Open Spaces team worked together to find ways to continue with less revenue and in January 2018 PATH moved into Whitehorse and shared delivery of play sessions with the Parks team.

Thanks to recent funders, Ocean Regeneration Trust, Tower Hill Trust and Clarion since 2018 Whitehorse had a new more accessible sand area, swings, hammocks, bikes and the essential maintenance to keep them moving.

The old surrounding flats have been demolished, new families moved into the new blocks in April 2019 continuing the culture of new and old playground users benefitting from the rich, varied playful opportunities from fires to slime provided by a team of creative playworkers.

Now the gates are closed again due to Covid-19, but never fear, Whitehorse will still be here. LBTH is taking the opportunity to adapt the site making it more inclusive for children with a range of disabilities and will be consulting previous users and stakeholders in the near future. October 2020

Thanks to Daisy our photographer