Playing Out

The Playing Out project ended in July 2017.

Originally funded by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust in 2008 for 3 years the project was extended . Public Health became part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and in 2014 PATH was awarded a new contract which ran until July 2017.

Play increases feelings of well being and helps build resilience and affiliations to others and communities. For the 9 years we have delivered this project we have met hundreds of families who say they feel more connected by meeting neighbours at play sessions. PATH has been able to match fund using this project and do more outreach, working more closely with Social Landlords and their residents. 

From April 2011 – March 2015 the BIG Lottery funded the Keep Playing project. These 2 projects worked together to increase play opportunities for children in Tower Hamlets.

Three new play spaces were created with additional funding from The London Marathon Trust and over 1,000 children and adults signed up to be Play Champions, doing what they could to support play locally.

We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has supported PATH play projects, we are always keen to hear from anyone who wants to get involved in making their area a more playful place for everyone to live.

To find out more about PATH play projects please contact PATH Play Development Manager Eleanor Image on 07966 396115