Playing Out Annual Review 2008 – 2012

The Playing Out Project was funded by Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (PCT).  The project was formed following discussions at PCT consultations involving local families where parents said their children needed more play opportunities.

PATH has delivered estate based play sessions since 2004, is an advocate for play in Tower Hamlets and a respected local organisation. The PCT wanted to work with voluntary organisations with good local knowledge so asked PATH to put forward a proposal.

Playing outside encourages children to be fit and healthy, research done by Bristol University shows strong evidence that time spent outdoors is an important Public Health outcome. And for us at PATH a basic right for children, we think every day should be a play day

A game of tag with friends, riding bikes or climbing trees tend to be more exciting than a PE lesson and give children opportunities to increase not just physical strength but spatial awareness and coordination. What’s more when children are engaged in free play and co-operative games they actually move and communicate more than they would in a traditional game such as rounders or football.

With outdoor play sessions starting in the snow in 2009 the PATH team have been playing out with thousands of children and engaged their wider family. The baby in the sling in 2009 is now in year 1, some teenagers are parents we see old faces and enjoy meeting new ones at the different play sessions.

As a result of the Health and Social Care Act (HSCA) 2012 Public Health is now managed by London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The project was extended while the changes took place and in April 2014 PATH were successful in our tender to continue delivery of this project to 2016.

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