PATH - Working Together for Play.

Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities

The Healthy Cities project is funded by Morgan Stanley, PATH started work in April 2015 and have been busy playing around Poplar since.

PATH delivers 3 play sessions a week on Lincoln, Burdett and Hind Grove estates, managed by Poplar Harca.

The project has created two new play spaces, one at Lincoln finished in December 2015 and Hind Grove space has just been completed and will have a playful celebration on Friday March 24th at 3.00pm.

Thanks to all the people who have shared ideas for both the spaces, Lincoln has a nest swing, trampoline and bench. Additional funding from Tower Hill Trust paid for improved lighting over the new play space and a new bench in the old play area so Mums can sit and chat while children play.

Hind Grove is rare in that it has a large football pitch, the funding has paid for new markings, not just for football but poles and markings for tennis and basketball too.

Children asked for a trampoline and days after installation it is a popular place for a bounce on the way home from school.  The rest of the funding has been spent on playful resources, giant outdoor games like bowling, Jenga and 4 in a row as well as tennis bats and balls.

Residents can borrow the games and sports resources, please contact Eleanor at PATH on 0207 729 3306 or to find out how.

Look out for the playworkers playing on the estates every week during term time, Thursdays 3.00 - 6.00pm at Burdett estate play garden, Friday at Lincoln 3.15pm - 6.15pm and Saturdays 12.00pm - 3.00pm on Hind Grove.






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