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Consultation on London's health inequalities

Consultation on London

Whether a playworker, a parent or both, walking around where you live you will have seen spaces that look great for children to play in and others that fall well short of an interesting space for children.  

PATH is currently working with parents in Poplar, mapping play spaces on a walk to school or the shops. Sadly our funding application to update the PATH play map on this web site was not sucessful but we will continue to map spaces and look for more places to apply to.

We also keep an eye on what is going on London wide, all children in London need good places and spaces in which to play, from Adventure Playgrounds to parks and spaces close to where children live.

One of the most important roles of a playworker is to advocate for play, to keep making the case, as a right of every child as set out in the UN Convention as well benefits for physical and mental health. 

The Mayor of London's office is consulting on its Health Inequalities Strategy, read the outline here. It talks about wanting London's children to have help to play, making sure that London's children have places to play and about making communities healthy places. PATH believes good play provision is at the heart of a healthy community and in 2018 will continue to advocate for play.