PATH - Working Together for Play.

Autumn play sessions

Autumn play sessions

By the beginning of October most of the conkers have fallen from trees and been collected from the the ground. Gathered as treasure, eaten by squirrels or been made into a prize winning smasher, I was told they keep moths and spiders away too.

As the seasons change the play sessions continue and bring new opportunities, some sessions have indoor space which is used although we encourage children to be out as well and many need no encouraging. Playworkers are asking children what their favourite run around games are so they can all join in and keep warm. As it gets darker we we'll be having fun playing with glow sticks outside.

PATH has 5 play sessions around the borough, all start after school at 3.30 and are aimed at children age 5 and over with the ethos of the Three Frees, which are: Free no cost, Free to choose what you want to do, Free to come and go as you choose.

On Wednesdays playworkers are at Southern Grove Community Centre E3 and Brabazon Street E14.

Thursdays at Burdett estate and Fridays at Lincoln and in Bethnal Green. To find out more about each session or PATH play training call Eleanor Image at the PATH office on 0207 729 3306

Check out PATH's Facebook page for updates and play ideas.