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Sharing memories of Adventure Playgrounds

Sharing memories of Adventure Playgrounds

While catching up on the PATH Twitter feed I found this video Sharing Memories of Adventure Playgrounds  a research project carried out by University of Gloucestershire. I often hear adults and children talk about how special their Adventure Playgrounds are but this rarely gets recorded in a way that can be shared.

To watch the video follow this link to You Tube.

The research team Wendy Russell, project lead, Dr Stuary Lester, Hilary Smith, Dr Malcolm MacLean and Tom Williams, research assistant held events at playgrounds in Gloucester. White City and The Venture, and Bristol, Lockleaze, Southmead, St. Pauls and Felix Road. They used creative methods to gather the rich stories of people that show just how much these unique spaces mattered to people in ways that cannot be easily captured through measurable outcomes.

The project was funded by the University of Gloucestershire Being Human and Sport, Exercise, Health and Wellbeing Research Priority Areas.

Artists: Mick Conway, Tim Martin, Chris Kershaw. Film production: Dylan Williams, Roger Puplett, Wendy Russell, Tom Williams.